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Basic Nursing

Nursing Fundamentals I

Nursing Fundamentals II

Nursing Care of the Surgical Patient

Obstetrics and Newborn Care I

Obstetrics and Newborn Care II

Introduction to Practical Nursing

Nursing Care Related to the Musculoskeletal System

Nursing Care Related to the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Nursing Care Related to the Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems

Nursing Care Related to the Sensory and Neurological Systems


Nursing Procedures

Taking Vital Signs

Basic Patient Care Procedures

Blood, Electrolytes and Intravenous Infusions

Intravenous Infusions and Related Tasks

Administer IM, SubQ, and Intradermal Injections

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Scrub, Gown and Glove Procedures

Sterile Procedures

Wound Care

Medical Records and Sick Call Procedures

Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation


Surgical Nursing

Introduction to the Operating Room

Routine Procedures for an Operation

Special Surgical Procedures II

Surgical Methods



Drug Dosage and Therapy

Pharmacology Math for the Practical Nurse

Prescription Interpretation

Pharmaceutical Calculations

Therapeutics I

Therapeutics II

Therapeutics III

Therapeutics IV

Therapeutics V



Laboratory Mathematics

Parasitology I

Parasitology II


Hematology I

Hematology II



Clinical Chemistry I

Clinial Chemistry II




Environmental Issues

Environmental Diseases/Injuries I

Environmental Diseases/Injuries II

Principles of Epidemiology and Microbiology

Immunizations and Environmental Injuries

Diseases of Military Importance

Introduction to Military Preventive Medicine


Injuries and Illness

Cardiac Impairment

Chest and Airway Problems

Eye, Ear and Nose Injuries

Respiratory Diseases and Disorders

Management of Patients with Respiratory Dysfunction

Mental Health

Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment

Treating Fractures in the Field

Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment

Evacuation in the Field

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman


Basic Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology

Basic Human Anatomy

Basic Human Physiology

Basic Medical Terminology

Mental Health


The Central Nervous System

The Endocrine System

The Gastrointestinal System

The Genitourinary System I

The Genitourinary System II

The Integumentary System

The Musculoskeletal System

The Sensory System


Nuclear, Biologic and Chemical Issues

Treating Chemical and Biological Agent Casualties

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive




These Nursing411 wings incorporate the white heart of international nursing with the
golden wings of an angel, symbolizing Nursing's selfless dedication
to the service of mankind.

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